~*mAzZy's wOrLd!*~

welcome to my site!!!

hey!!!! my name is MAZZY!

a bit about me: in 2019, exhausted of being overworked and underpaid in the entertainment industry i left the USA to take a job teaching english in mexico. i was so excited to explore a new country while also living and working there! and then...covid.

the good news was that i kept my job through the worst of it. the bad news is i've still yet to process whatever lingering trauma remains having lived through a global pandemic as a newly-minted expat living abroad, but i'll cross that bridge when i come to it. for now, the world is open again, and i think it's time to get out and see more of it.

so i have two goals for this year: the first is to finally uproot myself from my home in mexico. i love it here, but i didn't get into this career to stay put. plus, my temporary residency visa expires in june, so if i don't leave on my own, they'll kick me out. the second goal is to, at some point this year, travel the balkans. turkey, bulgaria, romania, croatia - all of it. but is it doable? do i have the money for that? do i have the guts???

i have no idea how i'm going to get from where i am now to where i want to be later this year. i do not have the finances or knowledge to get there yet, but i'm hoping the pieces will fall into place as time passes. i'm not the smartest person out there, nor do i strive to be. but i don't need to always win - i just hope i'm someone worth rooting for.

this is my journey to whatever awaits me. thanks for reading